What does squirrel poop look like: identification & pictures

squirrel standing in grass amongst fallen leaves
Squirrel poop has an oblong shape and looks like a raisin or a coffee bean. It is rounded on its ends with a bulge in its center. Squirrel droppings are usually brown, but the color depend on a squirrels diet.

What does squirrel poop look like?

If squirrel poop is fresh, it will be shiny. As it dries, it changes colors. The feces may start as brown, but it can fade to a brownish-red, tan, or green color.

The color that it turns into depends on the diet of the squirrel. When squirrels excrete, they release piles of several pellets. The amount they excrete at once is usually less than a dozen. 

What size is squirrel poop?

Squirrel poop is around 3/8 of an inch long with a diameter of 1/8 of an inch. It is about raisin or coffee bean sized. Squirrel poop has an oblong shape. It is rounded on both ends and bulges in the middle.

It can be soft or hard to the touch. It is very rare to see a squirrel pooping. Sometimes they even hide their poop in the soil.

squirrel in a tree eating a nut

Where do squirrels poop?

Squirrels tend to defecate in the very same spot. This results in large amounts of poop piling up over time. If squirrels continue to poop in the same area, this means they feel safe there.

They also do this as a way to mark their territory. When homeowners see large piles of squirrel poop, they assume they have a squirrel infestation. This is not the case, as just one squirrel can create a large pile after some time.

Squirrels poop under trees, near bird feeders, and inside crawl spaces of buildings. They do not excrete in their nests or burrows because they know the smell of their poop will attract predators.

Mother squirrels will even carry their babies’ feces away from the nest to protect them. Squirrels poop quickly and discreetly. It is rare to notice squirrel droppings outdoors.

Do squirrels poop as they walk?

Squirrels, like other rodents, poop while walking and running. Although squirrels will usually return to the same spot to create a pile of poop, sometimes squirrels will excrete while moving.

If they defecate on the move, this means they don’t feel safe in that area. Squirrels don’t want to risk stopping to poop as this would give predators a moment to attack. Often in wild, open spaces, squirrels prefer to poop as they walk.

squirrel poop

What’s the difference between rat poop and squirrel poop?

Rat poop and squirrel poop appear similar, but by looking closely, you can see that rat poop is longer and thicker than squirrel poop. Most rat pellets are about half an inch to 3/4 of an inch long with a diameter of about 1/4 of an inch. 

Rat droppings are tapered at both ends, while squirrel droppings are rounded at the edges. Rat poop is either dark brown or black. Even as rat feces dry, it will remain the same color. Squirrel poop can be brown too, but it is usually a lighter shade.

Squirrel poop can also be green or tan, unlike rat poop. Rats excrete while they walk, which means their poop will be found scattered throughout an area rather than in a singular pile like squirrels. 

squirrel droppings
Flies on Squirrel Droppings

What to do if you identify squirrel poop in your yard or garden?

If you identify squirrel excrement, you should start taking steps to remove the squirrels. Watching squirrels in your backyard may be entertaining, but there are risks to having squirrels on your property.

Ground squirrels dig deep burrows that can cause damage to your home, patio, driveway, and other structures. They also dig to find and hide food, which results in small squirrel holes throughout your yard.

These can ruin the appearance of your landscape and garden. In the winter months, squirrels in your backyard may come into your home for warmth and protection. 

When you notice squirrel poop on your property, you should safely remove it. Squirrel feces, like any wildlife, can contain parasites transmittable to humans and pets, such as leptospirosis.

The health risks that wild animal poop poses are why you should never touch it with a bare hand. One way to clean up the feces is to scoop it up with a shovel, drop it in a heavy-duty garbage bag, and dispose of it.

If you are going to use your hands to remove it, wear protective gloves when picking up the poop. Immediate removal of squirrel poop is crucial if you have children or pets. After removing the poop, it is time to start removing the actual squirrels.

squirrel on the end of a leafless tree branch

How Do I Keep Squirrels Away?

Here are some safe, non-toxic, and humane ways to eliminate squirrels and other critters from your yard:


Purchase a rodent repellent spray. Squirrels are rodents, so you can apply rodent repellent to the perimeters of your property. The smell will deter them and other rodents.

Sprinkle spices around your yard. Spices such as cayenne pepper, pepper flakes, and garlic flakes can be directly scattered in areas where you have noticed squirrel activity. Squirrels have sensitive noses and dislike these smells.

Create DIY squirrel repellents. You can make a spritz out of water, hot sauce, and dish soap. Another type of spray can be made with peppermint oil and water. Apply the spray to areas where squirrels are active.

Spread predator urine around your garden. Predator urine can be purchased and applied to your yard. Squirrels will smell the predator and then flee. 

Yard Management

Secure trash cans. Trash cans lure squirrels onto your property because they provide food for squirrels. If your trash cans are tightly secured, squirrels cannot get in them.

Purchase a squirrel-free bird feeder. Squirrels use bird feeders as a food source, so installing a pest-free bird feeder makes it nearly impossible for squirrels to eat your bird seed.

Plant nasturtiums, daffodils, marigolds, and mustard. These plants have intense aromas that squirrels dislike.


Set live traps. Live traps can be used to catch a squirrel without harming it. Use bait such as peanut butter, seeds, and berries to attract the squirrel into the trap.

Once you catch a squirrel, relocate it at least five miles from your home. You can always contact a wildlife removal company for help removing squirrel feces and squirrel removal.


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