What eats foxes: the most common Fox Predators 

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All foxes have predators, no matter their location, gender, or species.  Creatures that are predators of foxes include bears, bobcats, coyotes, eagles, leopards, lynxes, mountain lions, owls, wolverines, and of course, humans.

Foxes are small creatures, which is a disadvantage to them in fighting against most animals. If a fox escapes a predator, it is probably by running. Foxes are swift animals.

Predators won’t only kill foxes for food. Predators will attack over territories, fighting animals that enter the area they have claimed as their own.

Predators will also fight over a meal. Perhaps there is a carcass of an animal nearby; animals will fight for the food.

Foxes will only kill each other when food is extremely scarce

10 Fox Predators:

  • Bears
  • Bobcats
  • Coyotes
  • Eagles
  • Leopards 
  • Lynxes
  • Mountain lions
  • Owls
  • Wolves
  • Wolverines
  • Humans 


Bears live in mountain regions and the northern hemisphere. Foxes are also found in these locations and can easily be attacked by a bear.

If a bear notices a fox, it isn’t guaranteed that the bear will eat it. This is because foxes are small creatures and may not fill a large bear’s appetite. Also, even though bears are omnivores, bears mostly eat plants.

Sometimes, a bear will attack and eat a fox, especially if the fox is eating a meal. This means the bear will get two meals out of one attack. Because of their location, polar bears are predators of arctic foxes.

fox near a fence


It is rare for a bobcat and a fox to interact because both are shy creatures. However, if they do, a bobcat will attack and will win.

Bobcats are carnivores, and a fox would be just enough food to keep a bobcat satisfied all day. Bobcats and foxes may also get into fights over territory and other prey.

Bobcats are one of the big cats that hunt foxes.


Coyotes, although part of the same canine family as foxes, are natural enemies to foxes and one of their top predators.

Coyotes are larger than foxes and will usually win a fight with a fox. Coyotes don’t specifically hunt foxes, but coyotes are very territorial, so if a fox comes into their area, it will get attacked.

Another incentive for a coyote to attack a fox is population control. A coyote may kill a fox so that more food, meaning other surrounding prey, is left for the coyote pack. 


A fox’s predator depends on the fox’s age. Since young foxes, called kits, are smaller and lighter, they are hunted by large birds, including eagles and owls.

Birds struggle to carry an adult fox, so they will hunt the younger ones but will still attempt to catch adult foxes. Eagles are territorial and will attack foxes that enter their territory.


Leopards live in many of the same habitats that foxes do. Leopards mostly hunt red foxes since red foxes are larger than other species of foxes.

Red foxes are also the most common type, especially in North America. A fox won’t be much of a meal for a leopard, but a leopard will still attack nonetheless.

Leopards are faster than foxes, so even though foxes can outrun many animals, they cannot beat a leopard. 

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Lynxes will feast on foxes, but foxes are not their primary prey.

Foxes and lynxes prey on some of the same animals so that they might get into fights over food. The lynx will usually win with their strong muscles and large size.

Lynx will also kill foxes to lower competition for food.

Mountain Lions

Mountain lions are nocturnal animals that will ambush foxes and other small mammals. This means they will sneak up on foxes at night and attack them by biting their neck.

Once a mountain lion kills a fox, it will hide the carcass to eat on all day. Mountain lions are solitary creatures that hunt alone and prefer to eat under a covering. 


Owls are another type of large bird that will hunt foxes. Since owls and foxes are both nocturnal, owls often have the opportunity to catch a fox.

Owls are raptors, meaning they will snatch the fox in their talons. Sometimes a fox will win a fight with a bird, and if it does, the fox will eat the bird.

Owls are apex predators, meaning they are at the top of the food chain.


Even though wolves are a part of the same Canidae species as foxes, wolves are vicious animals that will hunt foxes. Wolves travel in packs, putting the fox at a disadvantage.

Wolves are also much larger than foxes. Wolves usually go for a larger animal to get a larger meal, but they will still happily hunt and eat a fox. 


Wolverines are rare creatures that are part of the Mustelidae family. This family of animals also includes weasels, otters, ferrets, and more. Wolverines are the largest animals in this family.

Wolverines kill foxes and hide their carcasses to eat later. Wolverines are known to eat the bones of their prey and are vicious scavengers.

two foxes sitting on moss and rocks in the forest


Humans are the top predators of foxes. It is rare for humans to kill foxes for food, although it isn’t completely unheard of. Humans hunt foxes for sport and fur.

Humans also consider foxes a nuisance, so if a homeowner has a fox problem, sometimes the solution is to kill the fox. 


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